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Kapuduwe Siri Gunalankara Thero

Founder of the Five Precepts Project, which is well known and followed with much faith by many Sri Lankan Buddhists.

Bhikkhu Training Center - Maharagama, Sri Lanka

The Bhikkhu Training Center of Maharagama, Sri Lanka, is a well known organization for the training of bhikkhus, founded by The late Madihe Pannasiha Thera.

Wattala Silaratana

Wattala Silaratana Thero

The late Ven. Wattala Silaratana Thero was famous for his beautiful pirit chanting and was affectionately known as 'the king of pirit chanting'.

Bhikkhu Training Center - Maharagama, Sri Lanka

A well known Dhamma teacher in Sri Lanka. Also the founder of the Dhammadeepa Foundation.



Chanted Pali Suttas from his past life memories.



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