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Metta Circle

Metta Circle is a group of caring people who provide financial assistance to university students and others in Sri Lanka. The recipients are chosen by Rev. Buddhiyagama Dhammasena Thero, Sri Sudharmasramaya, Beliwatta, Kottagoda, Matara, Sri Lanka, (Phone: +94-41-2259605, +94-77-9759169, Facebook:Buddiyagama Dhammasena Himi) after visiting village temples, Gramasevakas and beneficiaries. Rev. Sanghasobhana Thero maintains the web site and donation process.

You can select a beneficiary and send your donation to him or her directly, or make a monthly donation of $10 via this web site. You will receive regular reports of their progress and you are encouraged to communicate with him or her directly.

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Donors who support us with the cause.


You can choose any beneficiary who need help and help directly or make a monthly donation via our web site.




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