We engage in
different spheres of business
activities in the fields of Electrical,
Electronic, Communication, Broadcasting
and Automation by providing equipment, industrial solutions and consultancy.

Welcome to SavidZone - The Science Zone

Electronic & Communication


TV & FM Broadcasting


Electrical & Power Testing


Energy Management


PCB Prototyping


Industrial Automation


Oscilloscopes, Spectrum & Network Analyzers, Signal Generators, Drive Test Tools, EMC & Field Strength Test Solutions.

Optical Measurements, Wireless Communications Testers & Systems (wireless device testers, infrastructure testers, protocol testers, conformance and preconformance testers)

Instruments for digital and analog baseband generation, modulation, demodulation and analysis, as well as baseband analysis.

Network Management Systems to provide integrated broadcast solutions.

Testing of Appliances, Machines, Installations, Transformers, Grounding and Insulation.

Multimeters, Calibrators, Resistance Meters, Clamp Meters, Energy and Power Disturbance Analyzer, Power Supplies, Electronic Loads

Energy Control System, Energy Management Systems - ISO 50001, Peak Load Optimization, Energy Meters, Summation Stations,

Power Disturbance and Power Quality Anlayzers, Energy Control System, Software for Energy Management

Circuit Board Plotters, Laser Circuit Structuring, Through-Hole Plating Multilayer, Solder Masks / Legend Printing,

SMT Assembly, Software, Tools Consumables.

CNC Machines and Systems, Electronic Sensors (Current, Voltage,IR, Ultrasonic, Promimity), Pneumatic Sensors & Actuators,

Electronic Controller Board, Input/ output driving systems and software, Robot Accessories and Software.


To become the Industry Benchmark for scientific equipment and support in Sri Lanka.